Storytelling That Drives Success

It's the media's Perfect Storm. But we can help.


It's a word that often gets lost in the word salad of jargon, and in the chaos of changing platforms, streaming, mergers, and layoffs. 

But it is still the most important part of every pitch and every program on every platform. No one chooses to watch "IP" or "DTC" or "OTT". They choose to watch a GREAT STORY.   

To be successful, producers and networks need to evolve and shape their storytelling to meet the needs of a changing media ecosystem. 

Because every platform requires different ways of telling stories. The rise of streaming video is rapidly changing the very nature of how non-fiction stories must be told, driven by what the audience wants and what networks demand.

That unique "storycentric" approach is our focus. We provide market intelligence and strategic insight along with hands-on help to non-fiction and documentary networks, platforms, and producers to ensure success in developing, pitching, and executing their vision, all built around storytelling. 

We’ve developed new multi-platform initiatives for PBS, provided insights to successful cable networks and helped a wide range of non-fiction producers sharpen their development and pitching strategies.

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Meet Ed Hersh

StoryCentric was founded in 2007 by award-winning media executive, producer, and strategist Ed Hersh with a singular goal: provide insights on storytelling, development and production to media organizations in the US, Canada, and Europe to work smarter and faster... and help them better understand both their viewers and their customers. 

Since then, he has had an unprecedented track record in articulating creative, cost-effective solutions for issues that surround storytelling and execution, and has earned a reputation for creating brand-defining programming for cable, broadcast, and digital that is both award-winning and ratings-driven. He is a well-known authority on crime and justice storytelling and production. One of his clients recently referred to him as “the Series Whisperer.”   

Based in Manhattan, Ed serves as a principal and the chief strategist of StoryCentric, calling on a wide-ranging network of professionals as needed in service of clients.

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